Big Brother Barber Program

 Transforming Lives Through Confidence
– Description: At Heads Up For Our Youth, we understand the power of confidence. That’s why our Big Brother Barber Program goes beyond just a haircut. We believe that when you look better, you feel better, and when you feel better, you do better. Through this program, young individuals not only receive a fresh haircut but also gain mentorship and guidance from experienced barbers who serve as positive role models. By instilling confidence through personal grooming and mentorship, we empower our youth to tackle life’s challenges head-on and strive for success.

Annual Back To School Rally

Bridging the Gap to Educational Equality
– Description: Education is the key to unlocking endless opportunities, yet many underserved communities face barriers to accessing essential tools and supplies. At Heads Up For Our Youth, we’re dedicated to championing educational equality through our Annual Back To School Rally. This event aims to reduce the financial burden on families by providing students with the necessary tools and supplies to thrive academically. By ensuring every child has access to the resources they need, we’re leveling the playing field and empowering young minds to excel in their educational journey.

Professional Development Program

 Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders
– Description: In today’s rapidly evolving world, it’s crucial for young individuals to explore diverse career paths and industries. That’s why Heads Up For Our Youth’s Professional Development Program brings professionals directly to schools in Guilford County. Through engaging Brunch and Learn sessions, students have the opportunity to delve into 5-10 different careers per visit, gaining valuable insights into various industries. By exposing youth to a range of career options and providing firsthand knowledge from professionals, we’re equipping them with the tools and inspiration to pursue their passions and become tomorrow’s leaders.

HUFOY Talent Search

 Unleashing Hidden Potential
– Description: Every child possesses unique talents and abilities waiting to be discovered. At Heads Up For Our Youth, we provide a platform for young people to express themselves and showcase their talents through our HUFOY Talent Search. This program offers participants exposure, information, opportunities, prizes, and more, allowing them to shine and unleash their full potential. Whether it’s singing, dancing, art, or any other talent, we celebrate and nurture the diverse abilities of our youth, empowering them to embrace their identities and pursue their dreams with confidence.

Big Brother Barbering Program
Must choose a date that falls on a Monday. Sessions are between 11pm-2pm

Heads Up For Our Youth (HUFOY), a non-profit organization based in Guilford County, North Carolina, has recently launched a new program called The Big Brother Barber Mentoring Program. The program aims to provide young middle school students with an educational, interactive, and fun experience.

The Big Brother Barber Mentoring Program is held at Heads Up Barber and Beauty, a popular barbershop in the area, and is open to students from the Guilford County School System. On their day off, the veteran barbers at the shop open their doors and invite young students to participate in a haircare seminar. The seminar covers various topics related to haircare, such as grooming, hygiene, and hair care products. The students are also treated to a free haircut and shampoo.

In addition to the haircare seminar, the Big Brother Barber Mentoring Program also features guest speakers who come in to talk to the students. These speakers include successful business owners, athletes, and local police officers. The guest speakers engage in open discussions with the students, allowing them to ask questions and learn from the experiences of others. The program concludes with a lunch, which provides an opportunity for the students to interact and connect with their mentors and guest speakers.

The Big Brother Barber Mentoring Program is a unique and valuable opportunity for young students in Guilford County. It provides them with a hands-on, interactive learning experience that combines education and fun. By participating in the program, students can develop important life skills, build relationships with mentors and community leaders, and learn about potential career paths.

To register your class or group for The Big Brother Barber Mentoring Program, visit the HUFOY website at Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to invest in the future of our youth!

In conclusion, the Big Brother Barber Mentoring Program is a great initiative by HUFOY to support young students in Guilford County. It provides a fun and educational experience that will help students develop important skills and connect with their community. We encourage teachers, parents, and students to take advantage of this program and register for The Big Brother Barber Experience.

The great barbers at Heads Up Barbershop led by Tank Robinson , Mike McGorda , Kirk Thorpe, Jarus Rice, Andre Clark, Jason Cox, Darren Creighton, Miles Jackson, Dwayne Shaw and Rick Morton.

Heads Up For Our Youth (HUFOY)  financial literacy program is designed to educate young people about finances, with the aim of empowering them to make sound financial decisions in their future. The program is led by Kenneth Harper, who is a Board Member of 

HUFOY and also the CEO of Harpco Benefits Alliance.

The program focuses on helping young people answer important questions about finances, such as how to manage money, how to save for the future, how to invest wisely, and how to avoid debt. By teaching young people about these topics early on, the program aims to have a positive impact on their financial decisions and help them achieve financial stability in the future.

The HUFOY financial literacy program is designed to be engaging and interactive, with a variety of activities and tools that help young people learn about finances in a fun and engaging way. The program also includes workshops, seminars, and mentorship opportunities, all aimed at helping young people develop the skills and knowledge they need to be financially literate.

Overall, the HUFOY financial literacy program is a valuable resource for young people who want to learn more about managing their finances and making smart financial decisions. By equipping young people with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed financially, the program helps to build a brighter future for the next generation.

Heads Up For Our Youth (HUFOY), a non-profit organization based in Guilford County, North Carolina, has launched a new program to encourage young people to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The program is designed to help students gain hands-on experience in STEM fields and to inspire them to pursue careers in these areas.

The STEM program is led by HUFOY board member Dr. Alan Letton, a 2nd generation scientist who has volunteered to give back to the community. Dr. Letton has a passion for science and a desire to help young people understand and explore STEM fields. He recognizes the importance of STEM education for the future and is committed to making a difference in the lives of young students.

Dr. Letton and HUFOY are teaming up to bring STEM education to Heads Up Barber and Beauty, a popular barbershop in the area. This unique collaboration combines the educational resources of HUFOY with the practical experience of Dr. Letton to create an engaging and interactive learning experience for young students.

The STEM program is designed to provide hands-on experience in various STEM fields. Students will participate in workshops, labs, and demonstrations that will introduce them to the concepts and skills they need to succeed in STEM careers. The program will also provide opportunities for students to interact with professionals in STEM fields, such as engineers and scientists, who can provide mentorship and guidance.

According to Dr. Letton, the STEM program is an honor and a great experience for everyone involved. “Teaming up with Heads Up For Our Youth was an honor and great experience for everyone involved including myself,” he said. “The opportunity to give back to the community and inspire young people to pursue careers in STEM fields is truly rewarding.”

The STEM program is open to students in the Guilford County School System and is free to participate in. To register for the program, visit the HUFOY website at Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to invest in the future of our youth and their potential careers in STEM!

In conclusion, the STEM program led by Dr. Alan Letton and Heads Up For Our Youth is a valuable opportunity for young students in Guilford County. The program provides hands-on experience in STEM fields, as well as the chance to interact with professionals and gain valuable mentorship. We encourage parents, teachers, and students to take advantage of this program and help shape the next generation of STEM leaders.

The Heads Up For Our Youth Annual Back To School Rally is a highly successful event in the community, providing school-aged children with much-needed resources like book bags, sneakers, and school supplies. In addition to the practical resources, the event also offers live entertainment, basketball training, and cheerleading clinics.

The event is a collaborative effort, with local vendors, politicians, community leaders, and other organizations participating in various capacities as guests, vendors, volunteers, and motivational speakers. One of the highlights of the event is the Cops and Barbers Charity Basketball game, featuring Heads Up Barber and Beauty versus The Greensboro Sheriff/Fire/Police Department.

The event draws a large crowd, with nearly 1000 people in attendance last year. The youth attending the event are provided with a fun and engaging atmosphere, complete with a live DJ, dancing, games, and more. The event is a fantastic opportunity for the community to come together and support the youth as they prepare for the upcoming school year.

Overall, the Heads Up For Our Youth Annual Back To School Rally is an exceptional event that provides crucial resources and creates an enjoyable experience for school-aged children in the community.

HUFOY Events and Special Moments

We believe that the relationship between law enforcement and the community they serve has to start prior to crime . By providing a safe space for our youth to engage in meaningful conversations and interactions with law enforcement along side community leaders,  we can establish a good faith approach to policing which allows the youth to be educated on laws, rights, and the constitution.

During one of our basketball clinics a young participant became frustrated and wanted to quit because he wasn’t very good at one of the dribbling challenges. The trainers encouraged him and rallied behind him to give it his best shot and he did. Because we did not give up on him and we took time to work with him not only did he finish the challenge but he also discovered he was even better with his left hand than everyone else in the clinic which made him quite a happy camper. 

Some people ask why do we use basketball in a lot of our events? Basketball is one of todays most popular sports. Basketball allows us to meet these children where they are and build a messaging bridge between the game they love and the life they live. Basketball is about teamwork. It’s about making the right play/ decisions. It’s about preparation. It’s an unselfish game that when played correctly yields significant rewards. It’s healthy and we can’t forget it’s fun.

I mean, come on! Who doesn’t enjoy a large slice of pizza? Here’s a photo of one of our favorite youth groups from Allen Jay Middle School after a Big Brother Barber event at Heads Up Barber and Beauty. The kids enjoy sitting around with their barber brothers conversing about everything from careers and current affairs to music interest and education. We found these moments to be very therapeutic for all involved. 

Other HUFOY Events

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