Keith Gatlin played college basketball for the Maryland Terrapins between the years of 1984-1988. In collaboration with Heads Up, he volunteered his time and resources to share and educate young people in our program. He used basketball drills to enhance ball handling, teamwork, footwork, and attitude. There were approximately 70 youth in attendance. Most of the kids were very excited to learn and showcase their skills, others were not as eager. I recall during the very first drill a young man was having difficultly dribbling with his right hand. His mother said he was showing signs of frustration because he was left handed. I went to coach to explain the situation and he said “This drill will test both hands”. The young brother was not happy and did not put much effort into the drill to the point he almost began to cry.

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There was a young man He is currently the Heads Coach at Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point NC.