Many Non-Profits organizations in the Triad do meaningful and excellence work through their services and mission-driven causes.  But few Impact the Heart of the Community with a true purpose to reflect a Cause for Change. However, Rick Morton and Dwayne Shaw of Headsup Barber & Beauty and Founders of the Non-Profit organization, Heads Up For Our Youth are doing just that! These men know that barbering is more than just a business, it benefits the community through personal services and by living your best life, while making a difference in the lives of others. Heads Up For Our Youth Board Members are serving and shining bright lights in the Heart of the Triad in many underserved communities. This Cause has driven  Headsup For Our Youth with Mission Campaigns geared toward Barbering & Grooming, MentoringFitness, Athletics, Philanthropy, Financial Literacy, and Career Development. The Board Members of Headsup for Our Youth carry broad diverse expertise with backgrounds ranging from News & Journalism to Legal Counsel. Morton and Shaw in conjunction with their dedicated volunteers, sponsors, and Board members have taken a long-term view and perspective of developing strong productive members for our society. Please show your love and support for the sponsors, volunteers, and Board Members of Headsup For Our Youth!

Sponsors & Affiliates 

We at Headsup 4 Our Youth want to do just that, give our Youth a Headup’s on Financial Literacy. Plus provide them with Free tools and resources that help move them towards the goal of Financial Success in their life. Not just on a Regional level but also on a Global Scale. As a Non-Profit Organization, one of our core focus is providing knowledge and information that empowers those living in underserved communities. We as a Board felt it was of most urgency to implement a Financial Literacy Program that provides our youth with an understanding of “How Money Works”.

We provide them with tools to help them understand the many moving parts of the World’s Largest Economy. We do this in a fun educational manner that youth between ages 8-16 can understand. According to CNBC, the first large-scale international study on financial literacy among 15-year-olds, appears, to be grim at best. Among the 18 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s assessment, the U.S. ranked at best eighth and at worst 12th, based on the range of scores from its 1,133 students tested. Globally, more than 29,000 students took the test.

Moreover, there is an ever-increasing and widening Wealth Gap in the United States. This information also needs to be addressed by working directly within these underserved communities and providing not only the Youth with a grander understanding. But their parents need to also understand how they can use tools such Life Insurance with Cash Value, 401K and IRA’s and 529 College Plans to help build Wealth and secure a brighter future for themselves and the children who they love. We have placed a Board Member and proven Leader at the helm of this mission, Mr. Kenneth J Harper, of Harpco Benefits’ Alliance. Harper has 12 years of service working in the Financial Services Industry. His experience working in underserved communities around the country drives his passion to preach the message of Financial Literacy. He is licensed in 8 states and plays a very important role in the further development of the program.

Heads Up For Our Youth partners with TGK Athletics to offer free athletic skills and drills clinics for young athletes. These clinics teach basic sports fundamentals as well as in depth training to enhance player skillset, knowledge and conditioning.
These events feature professional trainers along with community volunteers.

For more information our trainers visit

My Big Brother Barber Mentoring
Heads Up For Our Youth partner with the barbers of Heads Up Barber and Beauty to mentor young students in the Guilford County School System.
Event Features:
Shampoo and Haircut Service
Guest Speaker
(business owner, police officers, celebrities)
Barbershop Talk